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Eagles Lacrosse


                                                           Reindeer Games Winter Lacrosse

                                                                   All Games & No Practice!!

                                                        Experienced players in grades 3-8 only.
                                                                                           Full Gear

SouthLake Christian Turf Field

Saturday   12/7/2019    10a-3p
Saturday   12/14/2019  10a-3p
Saturday   12/21/2019  12p-5p

Game Format:
-Each player is given a Reindeer Games reversible jersey.
-Two games in 3 hours, each Saturday. Games are 50 minutes each.
-Depending on registration numbers, 3v3, 4v4, or 5v5 on fields measuring 30yds x 50yds.
-Mandatory substitutions every 3-4 minutes.
-Goals are 4x4 with shot blockers.  No goalies.
-Rosters capped @ 5-8 players (depending on registration).
-Short sticks only.  No long poles.
-No hard checks.
-Full pads.

Roster Size:
-If we play 4v4, maximum roster size is 8-9 players.
-If we play 5v5, maximum roster size is 10 players.
*plenty of time on the field for each player*

Game Schedule:
-Saturday 12/7/19     at SouthLake Christian Academy turf field, 10a-3p.
-Saturday 12/14/19   at SouthLake Christian Academy turf field, 10a-3p.
-Saturday 12/21/19   at SouthLake Christian Academy turf field, 12p-5p.

Reindeer Games registration...………………………………...$50
Gear rental (even if it's just a helmet) for Reindeer Games...$15